Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Employer liability for sexual harassment continues to attract the media’s attention. Multi-million dollar judgments and recent Supreme Court rulings have generated renewed interest in the topic. Consequently, employees have a growing awareness of the availability of legal remedies for perceived sexual harassment.

“Every business should commit to thoroughly investigating any and all [sexual harassment] complaints in a timely fashion, keeping detailed logs of the process used.”

Few businesses can afford the tremendous distraction or financial consequences of a suit alleging sexual harassment. While any employment related complaint takes time and energy away from meeting the needs of the companyt’s constituents, sexual harassment cases can be especially draining and damaging to an organization. Every business manager ought to be aware of these trends and take the appropriate actions to minimize the possibility of a sexual harassment complaint and potential lawsuit. Although no measures will completely insulate your organization from charges of harassment, there are a number of steps every business can undertake to reduce the risk. Key risk management strategies include having a clear anti-harassment policy, and having an effective internal investigation and dispute resolution procedure in place.

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