Locate Investigations

Locate Investigations

Locate Investigations and skip tracing services are conducted to find a subject and provide the client with the most up to date information regarding their current position. DivCorp is a leader in locating missing people. Our investigators are trained in locating individuals who are missing, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Our investigators have established an extensive national and international network for tracking individuals. Their years of experience and knowledge in tracking and documenting financial paper trails as well as physical evidence, are unparalleled in the field of identifying and locating individuals.



Our unique services have been used to identify and locate people for a variety of reasons:


Service of Process Evaders

Missing Defendants

Uncovering Witnesses

Past Business Owners

Missing Relatives

Lost Loved Ones

Inheritance Beneficiaries



We offer a personalized, professional and diligent approach to all investigations. Due to our unsurpassed experience we can customize our research and be effective with a minimum amount of information about a person.

As a leader in locate investigations we have access to proprietary databases and have developed proven techniques that have consistently been found effective in identifying and locating hard to find individuals. All of our investigations are guaranteed to return current and verifiable information on the individual. Our agency will identify current addresses, telephone numbers, or employment for a person when deemed appropriate and necessary.

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